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The Great Auk Winery is located in the beautiful historic community of Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada. The Winery (now named after the extinct Great Auk) was originally founded in 1997 with the trade mark of the Notre Dame Winery. The winery has made its mark in the industry making unique wines made from Newfoundland berries and fruits and some specialty wines using Iceberg water. The majority of the berries used are wild and free of pesticides or fertilizers, making our wines as pure as they come. The berries are picked by hand by the locals and often hand delivered directly to the winery.

The winery building was the former academy school of Durrell, Twillingate. From its humble beginnings of a cottage winery it is quickly becoming an export facility, mapping out new territories and countries throughout the word. Wines can be sampled and purchased at the winery, and houses a Sub and Ice cream shop which makes homemade Wine Ice-cream in many flavors. We are also home to Traditional Newfoundland souvenir shop called the Downhome Gift Shoppe.

The word is out about our great wines and given that we are located in one of the largest tourism destinations of Newfoundland and Labrador how can it be any better! Our wines are available locally at our winery, and many of our local restaurants (where it is paired with Newfoundland traditional cuisine giving you a through Newfoundland experience) and also available through the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation. Check out our site, we also ship via Canada Post in Canada, with fantastic shipping specials.